What if a light-hearted and casual blog about King's Day [national holiday] isn't in the picture. Still open your mouth online? Or shut up - I mean, who is waiting for the umpteenth whiny blogpost? Today, as often lately, is a day of very mixed emotions. Or better, a day of extreme fatigue that literally clouds the bright and sunny sparks. Even though I know the good times are there, I'm so beat that I feel like I'm walking in the fog and missing out on what is passing by in front of me.

We had a good time indeed. For the first time, the boys sold their toys at the traditional flea market in our neighborhood. We met friends and unexpectedly ran into friends, drank great coffee and hunted for 'new' used toys and books, that the boys immediately embraced. Not to mention the fact that they made some money of their own!

And yet, the fatigue was running (or should I say ruining) my every move. Just when I thought my work was about done - at least for most of the two weeks of May holiday - my schedule was refilled to the brim with doctor's visits, vigorous cleaning and stress... Both boys have caught a pretty nasty bacterial infection, that is manageable, but as usual brings on a shitload of work because of Kenji's weakened immune system. The work never stops - and I can't even begin to think of the week that lies ahead with hospital obligations and the #*$&@^ side effects that are to be expected.

You see. Nothing new here. Ever since Christmas break I've been struggling to keep things at a certain base level. A point of stability. I have actually been there. And somehow the past months, I keep slipping back to a point where I can barely stay upright.

Anyways, to end on a lighter note: Little Brother surprised me with a colorful drawing of the royal family (the king and queen holding hands, and later he added the three princesses) - something completely different from his usual racing cars and superheroes. Whenever I look at it, my heart sings.

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