When my phone rings at three something in the afternoon, and I see Kenji's name in the display, my first reaction is always: "Alright, which one of my boys has a head injury?" Call it exaggeration, call it maternal instinct - after all, boys will be boys. Last Friday, my phone rang at quarter past three. And I heard Kenji explain very calmly that a swing had just hit Big Brother on the head, right before the end of PE class, and that Big Brother had a head wound, which the PE teacher had treated to stop the bleeding. I inhaled deeply and replied, just as composed, that he and Big Brother had better get home and then we would decide what to do next.

Somehow the second 'school injury' was easier than the first*. This time I was experienced. I didn't gasp as much when I saw the wound - even though it was unfortunately bigger than Little Brother's open chin - and I immediately knew how it should be treated. And so our Pentecost weekend started with an emergency visit to our family doctor, a grumpy Big Brother who didn't like it one bit that he was injured and a worried PE teacher who called me in the evening to see how Big Brother was doing.

It's Monday now and my eldest is still shaken, and not to mention, frustrated. We keep telling him to be quiet and super, super careful. His hair is a mess (the doctor applied glue to the wound, which ended up in a big lump in his hair) and we aren't allowed to wash it for a while. But worst of all, his kung fu teacher told us to skip practice for some time and in school, Big Brother won't be playing outside with his friends either. No matter how often we explain that all of this is for his own well-being, he hates not being able to move around freely. And I can't blame him!

The only consolation I'm able to offer Big Brother, is a new volume of his favorite Geronimo Stilton Fantasia [Kingdom of Fantasy] series. I had kept one in my secret you-never-know-what-is-going-to-happen-stash (because in our household, we are always prepared for the unexpected) and tomorrow at breakfast I'll surprise Big Brother with Fantasia VII. How convenient that this particular book comes with a special good-luck charm. I guess my boy will need it.

*Pretty remarkable detail that I noticed upon adding the links to this post: Little Brother's injury was 21 May 2014, Big Brother's on 22 May 2015. Weird, huh?

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