Last year Kenji bought me an issue of Real Simple that had 'Stop Procrastinating' on the cover. It became a running gag in our household, because Kenji himself is without a doubt a Master Procrastinator. Not me, I'm always known for being well organized and not satisfied before I get to the end of my to do list.
And so the article didn't bring me new insights - the one person who cóuld have benefited from reading, laughed every time I waved the issue under his nose. Stop procrastinating became our slogan when we needed to stirr things up, with a smile.

Over the past few days the procrastination avalanche came tumbling down and has covered me completely. I'm so tired, I keep putting things off; like hiding under the duvet for five more minutes in the morning. And press the snooze button again. My every action is preceded by a 'in a moment', 'not now' and more of the like. I keep reaching for the proverbial duvet, for the non-thinking minutes to take a rest and recharge.

As a result my fridge is empty and remains empty. I freeze in my summer clothes because my winter ones reside in the laundry basket. My hair is in a continuous pony tail since my intention to refill my styling products dates from, umm, a while ago. Patching up each temporary solution with another temporary solution isn't working. But to come up with a solid one? I'm way too exhausted to start. Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. Zo logisch, Roos.. en dat je dan nog wel een blog schrijft..!
    Liefs en sterkte, annet

  2. Ah, lieve Roos, zo begrijpelijk maar zo zwaar...
    en zo jammer dat ik niet bij je om de hoek woon om de koelkast te vullen

    dikke kus!

  3. sounds v familiar! :-) niet te streng zijn voor jezelf? x

  4. The kinds of change you are living run deep. My advice when things come up is to say "yes". But in a way I like to say "yes" to my son - such as when he asks if he can have some candy I will say, "Yes. Later." So keep saying "yes" to your to-do list and add the word "later". Because there will be a "later" which validates the "yes" and is much better to your soul to hear repeatedly. Lots of love coming your way from over here.

  5. Zo niet 'jij', maar voor heeeeel veel mensen heel herkenbaar hoor ;-) Vooral niet slecht over voelen!

  6. Joh wat rot. En dan elke dag nog een stukje, respect.

  7. Uitstel betekent niet altijd afstel, lieve Roos. Het is helemaal ok om 'straks' of 'later' te denken bij alle dingen die je moet doen. Er komt vast een moment waarop je wel de energie hebt om de dingen aan te pakken. In de tussentijd hoop ik met heel mijn hart dat je mensen om je heen hebt af en toe wat van je kunnen overnemen. Liefs uit Flo!


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