zaterdag 10 november 2012

Thieves, real thieves

Last night both Big Brother and Little Brother were terribly upset (read: overly tired). Little Brother's face was pale from fever: he cried and looked up at Kenji with big shiny eyes. Papa shouldn't be ill anymore. Big Brother's face however was red from anger. Everything was stupid and papa was the stupidest of all: "I'm never going to hold your hand again!".

Instinctively I knew it was time for another cancer talk. Big Brother and Little Brother had the right to know that we didn't know. In the eyes of children parents are the ones who are supposed to know it all. And there I was, telling my boys that Kenji's illness is a mystery to everybody, doctors included. "In life, you don't know it all. People think they do, but anything can happen and everything changes." Zen for the boys in a nutshell. "For example, we don't know what kind of train we will be in tomorrow."

Came this morning, it turned out we weren't going by any train at all. The scheduled out of town play date was cancelled because of Little Brother's fever. Instead I offered to take Big Brother to the zoo. When we walked up to where I had parked the cargo bike, the spot was empty. Stolen.
Big Brother screamed with fear: "Now we cannot go anywhere ever again without our bike! There were thieves mama, real thieves!" I held him closely and swore internally. The only place we were going was home.

Later on I found the cargo bike left in a nearby alley, with a missing front wheel and cut through breaks. A "blessing" in disguise, now we only have to wait for the visit of a mechanic...

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Mars zei

Oooh echt zo irritant als mensen aan jouw spullen zitten! En dan ook nog om te vernielen, zo nutteloos pff! Nou ja, gelukkig is de fiets er nog (min of meer). Ik wens je toch een fijn weekend en beterschap voor kleine broer!

Anoniem zei

Waarom komen ze aan andermans spullen? Zo stond ik vorig jaar met een buggy, peuter en twee volle tassen op de plek waar kort daarvoor mijn fiets stond. Balen! Verdriet en angst van grote broer waren zeker ook mijn verdriet en boosheid/ angst. Grrrrrrrrr.
Beterschap voor kleine broer en ik wens je een snelle fietsenmaker toe!
Esther R

het Meisje van de Zeppelinfabriek zei

Wat pak je dat goed aan Roos! Ik heb zo'n bewondering voor de moeder die je bent! Veel beterschap en wat jammer van je fiets zeg!

Simone zei

I used to live with the view into an alley like that. On nights when I did not go out I would look into the alley. People would take bikes from the street and try to break the locks in the alley. I would call the police and they arrested the thieves but left the bikes. In the mornings I would see people searching for bikes and tell them to look in the alley.
So sorry to hear about your cargobike.

It's me zei

Pfff gelukkig heb je hem nog.....en weet bent zo'n lieve moeder voor je kinderen ...en een sterkte vrouw voor je man en gezin.....owwwww.....ik vind je geweldig lieve Ross echt !!

astrid zei

O Roos, wat ontzettend balen zeg. Dan heb jij je moed bijeengeraapt en ben je met je oudste er op uit gegaan en dan dat...Fijn dat je je fiets toch terug hebt, ondanks de mankementen. Ik wens jullie een mooie zondag!

MultiVroon zei

Oh nee Roos, wat ontzettend kl*te zeg!! Je zou ze toch, bah :( Wat een bof dat je m nog terugvond zeg, jeetje.

Hielp het nog wat, het zengesprekje?

fee @ chipper nelly zei

Thank goodness you found it - albeit slightly worse for wear. So sorry you're having difficult times Roos, hope all your recent good times (and learnings) are helping to see you through. I think of you often - I'm busy in the workshop like one of Santa's elves, but plenty of space in my head for thinking of friends.
Hope today is better,
fee x

Sigrid zei

Een klein gelukje dat je 'm weer terugvond maar wat is dit balen!


Gats, jakkes, en gelukkig dat je hem weer gevonden hebt.

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